Kinky Hair Connection III, Natural Hair Meet Up has been postponed

Dear Friends:

It is with disappointment that Della Marie and Aleka announce that the Kinky Hair Connection III, Natural Hair Meet Up has been postponed. In 2015 we created a new platform in Grand Rapids, MI to unite naturals and celebrate our unique and beautiful crowns. We had great support from the natural hair community locally during the first two years of the event; however, to date, ticket sales are not what we projected. Aleka and Della Marie believe in producing quality events that will be beneficial and valuable to all involved and unfortunately, we did not feel confident moving forward with the Kinky Hair Connection III on Saturday, November 11, 2017. However, please note that the Kinky Hair Connection WILL BE BACK. We strongly believe that this event is necessary and that there is a community of people who share our vision of creating a space to celebrate kinky, coily, loc’d, textured, and curly hair in Grand Rapids, MI. Aleka and Della Marie will be meeting behind the scenes in the coming weeks to revisit and revise our model, as needed, and reintroduce you to a bigger and better event in the future. We ask for your continued support for future events and genuinely thank those who have supported our vision in any way since the beginning.

Please note that everyone who purchased tickets and submitted vendor payments will be refunded in their original form of payment by Wednesday, November 8, 2017.

Stay tuned to our website: or Facebook page for updates.

Thank you,
Della Marie Levi and Aleka C. Thrash,
Kinky Hair Connection Co-founders


2017 – Natural Hair Meet Up

Della Marie Levi of The Dream Big Sister Circle and Aleka C. Thrash of Naturally ACT and ACTPhotoMedia Present the 3nd Annual Kinky Hair Connection.

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Event Features: Music, Workshops, Giveaways, Refreshments, Local Vendors, Panel Discussion, Special Guests, and so much more. Join us for a #NaturallyFabulous time!!! 

Our Purpose: To connect, support, and encourage naturals, as well as those considering and transitioning, by helping them embrace, who they were born to be. 

What Is A Natural Hair Meet Up: A natural hair meet up is a place where those, who have chosen styles that highlight their natural, unadulterated hair texture, gather to provide each other with support, resources, and encouragement along the journey to embrace who they were born to be. It is also for people, who are considering returning to their natural hair texture and those, who want to know more about kinky, coily, loc’d or curly hair and how to care for it.

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10 Ways to say no when people try to touch your natural hair

Guest Post By Danielle James

If you have curly hair, chances are you’ve been approached by a stranger asking to touch it. If you’re Black, chances are that said stranger’s hand was already in your hair before you could respond. I’ve experienced this many times, from a sweaty man on the subway platform pleading to let him finger my curls, to a fellow writing contest winner grabbing a handful without warning before dashing through closing subway doors, knowing that I couldn’t chase him.

Once, a young man’s lips formed a perfect oval as his mouth fell open in disbelief, after I told him no, he could not touch my hair. He was indignant, But why? Because I said no. My first response should have been enough for him to understand and walk away. But he had difficulty comprehending this. Back and forth we went, until I hopped in a subway car. Yes, this also happened to take place on a subway platform – though it has happened in many other places, all around the world. And yes, in case you were wondering, all of these men were white.

To the people out there, roaming around touching the hair of strangers without consent: I appreciate that you think my hair looks nice. I’m flattered that you are so attracted to it that you would like to touch it. If you ask and I say yes, touch away. If I say no, do not, under any circumstance, proceed to move your fingers toward the area near my face.

The concept of stopping your action when someone says no seems pretty straightforward, however, some have a hard time accepting this, hence the above mentioned situations. (Sadly, this doesn’t apply to hair only, women are often touched without being asked, or disregarded when they say no.) My girls and I often share Can I touch your hair? scenarios, and how they play out in the workplace, on NYC streets (hint: we don’t let anyone off that easily), in restaurants, clubs, and restroom waiting lines. One day, we got together, poured us some prosecco, shared our usual laughs, and came up with 10 ways to say no when someone asks to touch your hair.

  1. My mother don’t want nobody touching my hair
  2. H. no
  3. *Side eye + curve*
  4. I don’t think your hands are  clean
  5. H.. f…. no
  6. Touch yo’ mama’s hair
  7. Sorry, but no
  8. No hablo ingles
  9. I don’t think HR would approve of that
  10. No thank you


Hear the full audio recording, complete with voice impersonations and lots of laughter.


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Reader Questions:

    1. Have you ever encountered strangers trying to touch your hair?
    2. Do you have other ways of saying no?