Kinky Hair Connection

Della Marie Levi of Tresses Natural Hair Group, The Dream Big Sister Circle, and Rock Candy Earrings & Things By Della Marie and Aleka C. Thrash of Naturally ACT Present the 2nd Annual Kinky Hair Connection.

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Event Features: Music, Workshops, Giveaways, Refreshments, Local Vendors, Panel Discussion, Special Guests, and so much more. Join us for a #NaturallyFabulous time!!! 

Our Purpose: To connect, support, and encourage naturals, as well as those considering and transitioning, by helping them embrace, who they were born to be. 

What Is A Natural Hair Meet Up: A natural hair meet up is a place where those, who have chosen styles that highlight their natural, unadulterated hair texture, gather to provide each other with support, resources and encouragement along the journey to embrace who they were born to be. It is also for people, who are considering returning to their natural hair texture and those, who want to know more about kinky, coily, loc’d or curly hair and how to care for it.

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Check Out Highlights from Last Year:

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For inquiries or questions email us at: 



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4 thoughts on “Kinky Hair Connection

  1. Just wanted to thank you all for doing the kinky connection, I’m so appreciative of all the great wisdom and knowledge that was shared with us. It was absolutely amazing to witness such a beautiful turnout and sisters supporting sisters! You Rock!! And keep it going!!! Thankful 😊

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  2. I am so grateful for you guys becoming revolutionaries for our natural hair community in Grand Rapids! I look forward to attending other meet ups in the future. Blessings and peace to you both 🙂

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  3. The session was awesome! So much great information not only about hair… I loved the panel in the answer/question section. Loved the vendors. I loved that black women were there supporting and encouraging each other. Keep it up Aleekah this is something great😉

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